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How to Design a Movie Poster using Stock Photography Promo Codes

Nowadays, several billions of dollars ride on a movie’s success. And with these high revenues at stake, it is extremely important to market your movie well. But how do you market a movie if you’re an independent director with no access to a movie studio’s graphic design department? How do you market a movie, if you’re short on the finances? Well, that is exactly what we will find out in the following section.

Use Stock Photo Promo Codes to save on Graphics

You may have time/budget to do promotional stills, but if not you can always use stock photography and a little Photoshop magic to make an eye-catching poster. Stock photography doesn’t have to be expensive either, I use coupon websites to find good deals on stock photo sites.

stock photography promo codes

Use a Poster making Software

This is probably the simplest way to work on your movie’s poster. You’ll find, many poster-making software that’s not just easy to use; but is also available free of cost. Online tools like Posterini, Adobe Photoshop and Poster My Wall are some good options. Most of these tools will let you create customized posters and digital flyers. While the level of customization varies from software to software, as of now, Adobe Photoshop comes with the best features. It doesn’t matter if you have any basic photo editing knowledge because most of these tools are incredibly simple to grasp. All you need to do is download your favorite tool, to start making your software right away!

Choose the Right Font

This is yet another aspect that you’ll have to consider while making your very first movie poster. The type of font you’re going to use generally depends on the genre of your film. So the font can either be exceptional, romantic, humorous or quirky. In case you’re wondering where to get them from, the idea is simple: just like your poster making software, you will find several tools to design and customize your movie’s font. Whether it’s Fontspace, DaFont, or Linotype – each of these platforms come with unique and mind boggling fonts that suits a wide multitude of genres. So choose a font that perfectly resonates with the idea behind your movie.

Include the Necessary Information

Your movie poster is incomplete if it doesn’t include the right information. So, while working on it, don’t overlook the details that should be a part of it. A conventional movie poster usually includes an image, the movie title, names of the casts, tagline (if any), additional details, and additional credits. Certain posters also incorporate the details of the people who played an essential role in making your movie work. You can add or omit this detail depending on the type of poster you want.

Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

In case you’re not really comfortable with designing your movie poster, hire a freelance graphic designer to get your job done. This is an excellent option for independent directors who are running low on the budget. A graphic designer will follow your instructions and come up with the kind of design you always wanted. And that’s not all! They might also help you to conceptualize a quirky and innovative design for your poster. These experts are easy to find easier to work with.

Final Thoughts

So now that you know how exactly to go about making your upcoming movie’s poster, follow the guidelines and come up with a perfect poster that adds an entirely new definition to your movie.

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